It’s the shizNICK

Opening Night Extravaganza

Friday, April 19   |   7 to 11pm

  • LIVE Tunes by DJ Lance (from Yo Gabba Gabba!)
  • A Very Cool Photo Playset (but we can’t tell you any more, sorry)
  • SUPER-SIZED “Animated GIF Theatre” (quite literally, 25 feet wide)
  • And, of course… SLIMMMEEEE!!


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Ongoing until May 5

NICKELODEON has had a lasting cultural influence, far deeper than any other cable channel. So join us for “It’s the shizNICK, where OVER 60 ARTISTS pay homage to the good ol’ days of the network that ruled our youth:

Participating Artists:
Aled Lewis
Amanda Visell
Becky Dreistadt
Ben Butcher
Bobby O'Herlihy
Brandy Lynn
Darick Maasen
Dave Cooper
Dave Crosland
Dave Kloc
Desiree Fessler
Dimitri Simakis
Drew Wise
Edison Yan
Ethan Marak
Ferris Plock
Gabe Swarr
Gerald de Jesus
Hellen Jo
Jacopo Rosati
Jim Mahfood
Jim Rugg
Joe Vaux
John Harvatine IV
John Sumner
Johnny Ryan
Jorge R. Gutierrez
Jude Buffum
Julia Pott
Kate Ward
Kelice Penney
Kyler Martz
Luke Pearson
Lynne Naylor
Maré Odomo
Marlo Meekins
Matt Taylor
Matthew Houston
Maxime Mary
Meghan Stratman
Mike Yamada
Nan Lawson
Nathan Jurevicius
Nicole Gustaffson
Phil McAndrew
Priscilla Wong
Ron Regé, Jr.
Señor Chips
Steve Courtney
Stevie Lewis
Sukho Lee
Susie Ghahremani
The Chung!!
Two Rabbits
Valeriya Volkova
Will Guy
Zac Gorman
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