Foundation 9 ‘Holiday Bit Mix’

Client: Foundation 9 Entertainment

To combat the typically drawl holiday card onslaught, <strong><a href=””>Foundation 9</a> </strong>tapped <strong>iam8bit</strong> to produce, master and design the ultimate Christmastime mailer as a gift to their industry pals. Eleven holiday-themed tracks were composed from scratch, enlisting some of the brightest talent in the micro-music scene to “rethink” classics like “O Christmas Tree” or “The Twelve Days of Christmas” in 80’s chiptunes terms — you know, crunchy, NES-style audio goodness. <strong><a href=””>8 Bit Weapon</a></strong>, <strong><a href=””>Doctor Octoroc</a></strong> and nine other vets of the scene contributed tracks; and primo pixel artist, <strong><a href=””>Jude Buffum</a></strong>, provided the visual stylings for the sleeve. The CDs were then hand-numbered (only 1024) and shrink-wrapped to insure collectability for the years to come. The result was dozens of blogs voting it the best holiday “card” of the year.

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