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W ithout further ruckus, we've got a very exciting announcement to make: The group art show that ravished the world of all its precious, videogame retro-ness four times in a row is returning for a fifth go at it. Since this is such a seminal number (five shows, that is), we've decided to upgrade the name a little bit:

SUPER iam8bit
Aug 11 - Sept 10
Gallery Hours:
SUPER iam8bit has now closed.
Art is still available in the store.
(Our next showing is coming soon!)

- 2147 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 -

It's bigger and bolder than ever before, as we have over 4,500 sq. ft. of event space (that's nearly 5 times the size of the original show in 2005)!

Over 100 artists will reimagine their 80's gaming fantasies, delusions and secret desires via all sorts of media - painting, sculpture, plush, and even some more interactive experimentation. Highlights include:

*A special tribute to Galaga's 30th anniversary featuring the world's largest "arcade cabinet"
* The transformation of the entire gallery into an 80's gaming wonderland by designer decal collective BLIK
*An interactive, "retro-fied" Kinect hack from Double Fine super-artist Drew Skillman
*And much, much more!


Since its inaugural show in 2005, iam8bit has been the most popular group art exhibition in Los Angeles, enlisting hundreds of artists to remix their 80’s videogame memories using paint, plush, sculpture or whatever other tools they call their own. The show has been applauded for its spectacle of interactive art as well: a 6-foot-tall, working Atari 2600 controller (15 times scale); a custom-developed version of Guitar Hero, featuring old-school video game theme songs like Mega Man 2 and Ikari Warriors (in partnership with Harmonix); and much more.

After winning accolades from dozens of publications, including LA Weekly’s coveted “Best Art Show” moniker, and receiving international attention from CNN, MSNBC, Playboy, G4, MTV, and others, Chronicle Books published the first of an anthology of books, collecting the very best images from the show. The book quickly became a best-seller at stores like Urban Outfitters, leading to many other ancillary products and collaborations: “limited edition,” artist-created t-shirts and other fashion accessories; Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar straps, custom-fitted for the slightly-smaller peripherals (by Couch Guitar Straps); wall decals (by Blik Surface Graphics); and an ongoing series of affordable prints, aiming to make art accessible to the masses.