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72dpi - Poltergust 5000 - 3

Poltergust 5000

In honor of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Nintendo wanted to do something special for fans. Luckily, we’re fans ourselves, so we spared no detail to create a real-life, fully operational replica of Luigi’s ghost-sucking contraption, the “Poltergust 5000." Crafted in collaboration...

72dpi - Aled Lewis R&C (iam8bit)

Ratchet & Clank Print Series

To celebrate Ratchet & Clank’s 10th Anniversary, we teamed with developer Insomniac Games to lovingly pay homage to the various trappings of the game’s universe. A frenzy resulted, with each hand-produced screenprint selling faster than the last, causing aftermarket values to...


DuckTales: Remastered Campaign

DuckTales has a special place in the hearts of an entire generation. The original game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, but interest never waned. And that interest was our ultimate weapon! At the end of the Capcom...

Promo - MIFF - Final

Machinima Interactive Film Festival

The first of its kind, the annual Machinima Interactive Film Festival (MIFF, for short) saw the marriage of online video with a physical space, connecting the community in a personal, experiential way - something previously considered impossible in the wake...


Tomb Raider Mailer

When reintroducing Lara Croft to the world, developer Crystal Dynamics wanted to make sure everyone noticed. As part of a strategic campaign, iam8bit created custom-weathered “salvage crates” were nailed shut and sent to 100 tastemakers worldwide. The only means of...

72dpi - ESO - Stein (1)

347th Annual Tamriel Beer Garden

It's been a tradition for nearly three-and-a-half centuries, so it was a great honor for iam8bit to produce the "347th Annual Tamriel Beer Garden". Truthfully, though - it's a fabrication, devised as a community event to celebrate Elder Scrolls Online (you *almost*...


Dishonored “Boyle Party”

For Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Bethesda came to iam8bit with an elegant challenge - create the old-timey alternate reality of "Dishonored" in the real world. We enthusiastically accepted, ultimately producing an experience that was hailed as the most unique and engrossing event in the convention's history.


Treyarch Office Makeover

We were sworn to secrecy... but now, after months of contractually obligated silence, we're able to unveil our insanely extreme OFFICE MAKEOVER for "Call of Duty" developer, Treyarch.


Midway Arcade Origins

Warner Bros. and developer Backbone needed a marketing vehicle to showcase their retro game collection "Midway Arcade Origins," but wanted a modern flavor to breath new zest into the 80's coin-op classics contained within.


Quantum Conundrum

For Quantum Conundrum, Square-Enix's first title out of their brand-new digital division, iam8bit was tagged to conceive of a viral campaign that communicated the rather lofty concept for the videogame.


Super Magnetic Game-O-Matic

For Game Developer’s Conference 2012 (or GDC, for initialism lovers), iam8bit was invited to create a crowd-sourcing experiment, harkening all the way back to 2011 when Painting with Pixels forever change the landscape of human existence. But this time, we...


The Zelda Room

In honor of The Legend of Zelda's 25th Anniversary, Nintendo asked iam8bit to divise a proper tribute to the game... in the form of a conference room in their Redwood City branch. Standard corporate office fare, the challenge wasn't necessarily...


Inside Gaming Awards

Machinima came to iam8bit with a dare - design a better, cooler trophy for their annual Inside Gaming Awards. After compulsive toiling and some serious R&D, the result is something unusual, but far more fun than a standard mantlepiece. Our...



Based on the mythic sci-fi franchise, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a video game steeped in incredible nerd lore. And we got to play in the same nerdy sandbox.



On the edge of Boston's waterfront, a massive 12,000 sq. ft., out-of-season cruise terminal was transformed into an level from Bethesda’s sci-fi shooter, "BRINK".


Shirt Vault

We've designed a boatload of tees for various companies (as well as ourselves), so rather than exemplify each shirt's individual traits, we're relying on the old adage that there's power in numbers with this particular post.


Ich Bin 8-bit

A globe-trotting deviation for the annual iam8bit exhibition, "ich bin 8-bit" takes the idea of the “pixel” as the ultimate paintbrush, employing 15,000+ Post-It notes to create a gallery-sized mural.


MTV Art Install

In relocating the Spike Digital Entertainment and GameTrailers offices to a new floor at MTV’s Santa Monica headquarters, Senior Vice President Jon Slusser wanted to give his gang the most energetic, inspiring work space imaginable. The finished product was over 10,000 sq. ft. covered, from floor to ceiling, with original paintings, graffiti, wheat-pasting, and art installations.


Greene’s Hardware

Ramping up to the release of the videogame "Dead Rising 2," iam8bit opened "GREENE'S HARDWARE" in Seattle and Los Angeles, giving fans the opportunity to "shop" to their heart's content at the ONE-NIGHT ONLY popup store, choosing form off-the-shelf items like rocket launchers, handguns, grenades and mayonaise (yes, mayonaise).


Skate 3

Forget a red carpet shindig; for the launch of "Skate 3," EA wanted to rock something a little less... lame. So we took to Venice Beach for mid-afternoon, free-for-all grind session.


Foundation 9 ‘Holiday Bit Mix’

To combat the typically drawl holiday card onslaught, Foundation 9 tapped iam8bit to produce the ultimate Christmastime mailers... 80’s chiptunes versions of those holiday classics that your mom kept on seemingly permanent shuffle.


Painting With Pixels

Designed to commemorate the 25th Game Developer's Conference, "Painting with Pixels" is art installation meets social experiment -- a tribute to the perseverance of the pixel through several decades of gaming culture.


Insomniac Community Day

Some companies say they care about their fans, but Insomniac Games REALLY means it. And they were kind enough to invite iam8bit along for the ride, tapping us to produce their 3rd annual Community Day.


The King Of Kong

In an effort to combat the stigma attached to “special features” on DVDs, iam8bit pitched New Line the idea of producing a collection of “unexpected” bonus material for director Seth Gordon's hero vs. villain opus, "The King of Kong" — things that would compliment and expand the mythos of the film, rather than just being merely supplementary.


Street Fighter Club

In 2008, Capcom and iam8bit collaborated to create the underground community event, "Street Fighter Club." The first of its kind, it drew 200 eager fans to the darkest reaches of downtown Los Angeles' scrap metal yards. Since it's inception, over a dozen "clubs" have popped up around the country, attracting thousands of button-mashers en masse.


Radiohead “Weird Fishes”

Commissioned to launch a Radiohead contest on animation site Aniboom, this short proved how off-the-shelf software (like Flash) and hardware (like a $80 Best Buy digital camera) can be used to produce polished, premium content in very little time.


Mega Man 10

Taking a cue from that awful/outrageous era of 80’s toy commercials, iam8bit pitched Capcom the concept of a truly, wholly, and completely authentic “lost” commercial to sell "Mega Man 10" virally. Designed as if it were discovered on a 3rd generation VHS tape, no detail was spared. It's fucking rad!!



Epic Games' design director, Cliff Bleszinski, describes "Bulletstorm" as "a comedy of violence" -- a shooter that slaps all other shooters in the face. With that introspection as a guideline, iam8bit developed a few promotional goodies to punctuate the game's chaotic kitsch.


Mega Man 9

As an homage to the roots of the Mega Man franchise, Capcom consulted iam8bit to create a completely 80s aesthetic for its "Mega Man 9" marketing assault. The result was immeasurable internet buzz, spurred by its old-school authenticity.


Bionic Commando

Harkening back to ridiculous facial fare like Hogan's handlebars and Bronson's "Death Wish" whiskers, artist Jim Rugg made a masterpiece of this mustache portrait, paying XTREME tribute to a legendary Capcom franchise.


Scott Pilgrim

To evangelize Edgar Wright’s ridiculously awesome "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" to über-geeks, iam8bit threw a full-on, balls-to-the-wall “house party” in downtown Los Angeles. Complete with a "KEG BUFFET"!


RE5 Blood Drive

iam8bit produced a community-targeted event on Friday, March 13, 2009 to celebrate the launch of Resident Evil 5 — with a cause.


Tron Evolution

In tandem with the release of "Tron Evolution," iam8bit produced a custom vinyl picture disc that was sent out to an exclusive list of journalists. Reactions from fans were so ravenous that the "limited edition" album has been flipped online by collector's for over $300 and requests for archival copies still flood our inbox nearly every day.


Mega Man Universe

Breaking with a longstanding tradition of creating trailers in Japan, Capcom asked an American production outfit (you know, US!) to conceive of a launch video for their brand-new franchise, "Mega Man Universe". The result was a live-action/stop-motion animation hybrid spot with lots of awesome explosions!


I’m With Coco

As a self-initiated/financed campaign to support late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien’s dismissal from “The Tonight Show,” iam8bit, in intimate collaboration with creator/artist Mike Mitchell, spurred the nationwide media frenzy that was “I’m With Coco”.


Maximum Balloon

When TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek was gearing up to release his experimental side project, Maximum Balloon, he wanted to do something a little different with its promotion. The result was the "What's Your Maximum?" competition, in which hundreds of entries flooded in using sample tracks from the album as ultimate inspiration.



stealthy viral promotion for undead-slaughtering sequel, Dead Rising 2, iam8bit spent weeks swelling suspense under the guise of fictional pharmaceutical conglomerate, Phenotrans. Initially, crytic voicemails were left on the voicemails of journalists, only to be followed up by in-office visits from "pharmaceutical reps," insisting...