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Nintendo's New Zelda-Themed Room Has Rupees, Fairies
Nintendo’s Zelda Room Won’t Be Destroyed by the Moon in Three Days (Kotaku)
Check out This Amazing "Legend of Zelda" Hyrule Room (Crunchy Roll)
iam8bit Gallery Showing Celebrates Gaming, Star Wars
(Game Informer)
American Icons (Nerdist)
iam8bit's American Icons gallery features portraits of toys and old consoles (Joystiq)
American Icons Gallery Show Recognizes Classic Gaming Consoles For the Works of Art They Are (Kotaku)
American Icons Art Exhibit In Los Angeles (TheForce.net)
iam8bit Gallery Show ‘Licorice Flix’ Recreates Movie Images With Candy
Licorice Flix - Actually Sweet Art (Thrillist)
Licorice Flix Features TV, Film Icons as Edible Mosaics
(NBC L.A.)
Someone Has Been Hanging Ruby Slippers From Telephone Lines All Over L.A. (LA Weekly)
SUPER iam8bit: Old Games, New Art
(Adult Swim)
ASTRO art contest: win cool stuff (Destructoid)
8-Bit Video Games and Mash-Up Art: "SUPER iam8bit" Opens in Echo Park
(LA Weekly) | Photo Gallery
Super iam8bit debuts Los Angeles gallery space, begins monthlong art show (Joystiq)
iam8bit hosts SUPER game art show (Destructoid)
The Taxidermy Art of Super Mario Bros. (Kotaku)
Super iam8bit Video Game Inspired Art Show Opens Tonight In L.A. (Game Informer)
'Super iam8bit' Art Show to Give Video Game Icons the Fine Art Treatment (Time)
Adventure Games Dropped Into Famous Paintings (GameSetWatch)
To-Do In Los Angeles: See Art and Games Collide at SUPER iam8bit (Kotaku)
Van Gogh, the Game? (Artinfo)
Salvador Dali with Indiana Jones: Famous Paintings Mashed Up with 80s Adventure (Design Taxi)
Know Your Zelda Animals, Monsters, Beasts, Bird People and Weird Chicken Things (Kotaku)
Check Out The Evolutionary Biology Of Hyrule (Game Informer)
The Kiss of The Legend of Zelda (Kotaku)
The Legend of Zelda's Monster Family Tree (GamePro)
Watch SUPER iam8bit host more than 1,000 gamers on opening night, be jealous (Joystiq)
iam8bit Makes Its Return (GameSetWatch)
SUPER iam8bit: new art show, new space, new book (Joystiq)
A Special Preview of the New SUPER iam8bit Art Show, Returning to LA This Week (Kotaku)
The Ultimate Video Game Art Exhibition Gets Super-Sized (Kotaku)
Artsy Production Firm iam8bit Struck E3 With Stealth and Swag (Kotaku)
Aliens: Colonial Marines Viral Marketing Continues With Replica Pulse Rifle (Game Blend)
Sega send us Aliens: Colonial Marines ‘Pulse Rifle’, Dave is a happy man ( X360 Magazine)
iam8bit Designs This Year's GDC Swag (Rad Nerd)
The Art Project That Took One Convention, 40 Hours And 5,760 Pixels To Complete (Kotaku)
Painting with Pixels wall now complete, looking 8-bit and swanky (Joystiq)
A History Of The Killing Tools Of Video Games (Kotaku)
'Painting with Pixels' crowdsources 8-bit art during GDC (Joystiq)
The Pixel Mural With 5,760 Artists (Kotaku)
Seen At GDC: Bonus Gallery (Game Informer)

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Radio/Podcast - Nerdist #142 (Nerdist)
Television - GT.TV - August 19, 2011
Radio/Podcast - Invisible Walls - August 19, 2011 (Spike/MTV)


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